Hearing person dating a deaf person

Romantic relationships take a lot of work. But what if one person is deaf and their partner is hearing, are deaf-hearing relationships possible and if so, is it worth the effort? I was in a relationship with a hearing guy for 7 years. My next relationship was with a deaf man, and we just understood each other, it was very easy. Curious about how other deaf and hard of hearing people experience deaf-hearing relationships, I took to Facebook and posted the question to my friends. If you would like to read all the comments, and there are a lot, please feel free to send a request and connect with us in the groups.

7 Amazing Tips You Need to Know in Deaf Dating

I had a family friend who was dating a deaf woman. In the beginning, he didn't have a clue when dating the woman. You have to show your romance through signs. We all know that most deaf can never communicate perfectly without the use of signs. You have to learn their signs before being in a position to communicate with them. This will also give better ways to express the love feel towards your partner.

We all know that deaf can never hear whenever you say unless you write or use their deaf sign language. You have to perfect on your skills that will enable you to communicate better. For instance, I had a friend who dating a deaf chick and unfortunately, the guy did not know either to write or communicate well. This ultimately led to relationship break up due to poor communication between the guy and the lady. Many people are always afraid speaking about the status of their deaf partners leading to self-denial especially the friends.

In these kinds of dating, you have to be sincere with your friends about the medical condition of your friend. Most people often make mistake of not letting the family members know the condition of the partner early enough before marriage. Your greatest long term allies will be those close to you. This is the best way to show your love to the other partner whenever you are in a relationship or dating. Consult a professional deaf relationship counselor.

For those people who might have ideas on how to have a relationship with a deaf partner, seeking a professional guidance counselor offers the best solution. They will give you the best tips that will help run a healthy at the same time respectful relationship. Seek help from online deaf dating sites. With the internet, you can get the best ideas on how to have a healthy relationship through these online deaf dating sites. They will give the best ideas how to have a relationship with a deaf partner.

Through these sites, he got ideas how to relate with her and now they are happily together with 3 children. What an amazing story! Through theese tips and Dwp you will not only have a healthy relationship but also know how to appreciate your partner irrespective of his or her physical condition. I have had an on and off again relationship with this great guy but communication is a problem.

I life at the farm address is 10b. Rd Bourbon in Go to seach on map bourbon I hate study at the farm with my parents. It farm still bore it not fun. Because I am deaf. Tell my mom tell story of deaf. My real full name call Prescilla Helen West. This is some really good information about what to do if you are dating a deaf person. My little sister has a big crush on a deaf boy in our neighborhood. I liked that you pointed out that she should start learning ASL, and specifically learn how to communicate how to express her feeling throw it.

When you find love it just doesnt matter. Absolutely everything and anyone you must give and take to make it work. If love is the foundation anything can work of you want it to work. Will is the way. I dont care I just want a relationship. Hi Bill and thanks for visiting the site What country are you living and which one is the lady you refer to?

Both also have their fair share of deafness as well. I recently been texting a deaf woman 30 yrs. I agree with Lisa. She has a beautiful spirit and an amazing drive to be successful! That answer would by yes! Both cases involve a communication issue. Why not give it a try. How did it go for you? Like things went great and she was telling me how she thought I was such a great person and she really likes me and we snuggled up and watched a movie…. It was late but just like how she left showed something was wrong.

I work with a deaf woman whom I would absolutely love to ask out. I think I would be up for the challenge of communication. Some say they prefer to be in relationships with other deaf people. Which is completely understandable. However, perhaps never having anyone who can hear try and really communicate with you is saddening. Would make me a little lonely. Going to give it a shot. Same as any other woman. Thank you for the information.

This is awesome I learned how to speak sign after a close friend of mine went deaf I always wondered how dating would be for her after but luckily she found an awesome deaf man to sweep her off her feet. I would love to Thank Martin to make this article beautiful. Thanks for the encouragement. I wrote this article after personally looking at two Deaf Couple expressing their love.

Hi Laura! Thanks for this post. Dating somebody with a disability is a challenge. Everyone on the planet has a disability of some kind or another lol Historical baggage, different perceptions, ego and a pile of other crap. Being deaf is just something else but approached in the same way i. Please do keep me informed too! Previous Next. Don't Be Deaf to the Deaf I had a family friend who was dating a deaf woman. Many people hate dating deaf people due to the numerous challenges that are involved.

Especially in the process of communication. So, what are the best tips that you need to know in deaf dating? The Sign of Romance You have to show your romance through signs. Looks easy, huh? Laura loves writing and blogging laura benson — who has written 1 posts on GeekandJock. Lydia September 21, at 5: Pris west May 4, at My name is Pris West I was born deaf hard of hearing. Ivy Baker March 14, at 1: Matthew Sundy September 7, at 2: Martin July 13, at 8: Lawrence Siwka July 9, at 8: Tom January 15, at 4: Kevin A March 18, at 4: Chris September 27, at Charles Diggs December 30, at 3: Yvonne November 27, at 1: Stacey Thompson November 1, at Gdweblab October 30, at 5: Mariana October 8, at Lisa October 23, at Leave A Comment Cancel reply.

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I do recommend anyone willing to date a deaf or hard of hearing person but do realize the sacrifices both are giving up for each other as any. For the Deaf, Dating a Hearing Person Can Mean Added Obstacles But those who suffer from deafness or hearing loss—which is about

I had a family friend who was dating a deaf woman. In the beginning, he didn't have a clue when dating the woman. You have to show your romance through signs. We all know that most deaf can never communicate perfectly without the use of signs. You have to learn their signs before being in a position to communicate with them.

Dating itself can be daunting but for deaf people it may feel ten times more challenging. Or for a hearing person meeting a deaf person, if they not experienced deafness before.

An Old Question: Once again up for debate is the seemingly age-old question: Can Deaf-hearing relationships work?

The Challenges & Rewards to Deaf Dating

After this experience, I had doubts about whether I was ever going to be in a relationship again. I felt like all the boys my age were very judgmental and immature. I hate to think of the future like that… him not being able to hear my voice. The only thing I can do is be there for him. We will fight through this.

Tips for dating with deafness

But those who suffer from deafness or hearing loss—which is about 15 percent of the U. According to a report from Action on Hearing Loss, people with hearing loss are more likely to experience emotional distress and loneliness. They are also at double the risk of developing depression. The Refinery29 article profiles a deaf woman named Louise. She has bilateral sensorineurlal hearing loss of a severe-to-profound nature, which means she relies heavily on both hearing aids and lip reading. She happened to meet her current boyfriend at the gym, but she says that online dating sites make it easier to get to know someone first. I had no idea my boyfriend was trying to flirt with me when I first met him. There are a number of sites for disabled that include large deaf populations, and some popular mainstream sites predominantly used by hearing people also let you search for deaf matches. Just as a deaf person can feel left out in a hearing crowd, a hearing person can struggle to feel accepted and communicate adequately among predominantly deaf people. There are resources, too, that you might not be aware of—such as professional deaf relationship counselors, dating support groups and much more.



Deaf-Hearing Relationships: Happily Ever After?


Can Deaf-Hearing Relationships Work?






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