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4 Reasons to Visit Bermuda This Season

Richard Ammon. Bermuda is another island in 'paradise' where thousands of northerners go for a taste of foreign life and a balmy semi-tropical climate, even in the cold season. It is a small island actually more than one that has a certain mystique due to its hidden treasures troves of off-shore bank accounts and due to its hypocritical attitude toward LGBT people. Homosexuality was decriminalized in but no further action or laws were approved to prevent discrimination against these citizens.

But hundreds of thousands of tourists go there each year unaware of the mysteries. There are about two dozen destinations in the Caribbean that are variously praised for different reasons. The main ones are the climate, the beaches, clear azure waters for diving, a sprinkling of LGBT venues on certain islands—and the comforts of the ships or hotels. Bermuda is also attractive because of its location, only miles km from New York.

Although not actually in the Caribbean a thousand miles away, with little trade or economic connections to it , it is usually considered as one of the vacation islands since it has a foreign feel similar to the Virgin Islands and the other four UK Carib territories. Bermuda is culturally British. It is the oldest and the most populous around 65, UK overseas territory the third most densely populated place on earth; it has less than 21 sq mi of land surface.

The ethnic makeup of Bermuda is Although usually referred to as a single location, Bermuda actually consists of islands, with a total area of The largest island is Main Island, usually called Bermuda. When first discovered, Bermuda was uninhabited and mostly dominated by forests of Bermuda cedar, with mangrove marshes along its shores. Bermuda is a very high cost destination.

The Bermuda Government makes no secret of the fact that it does not want low-income tourists, expects them to be earning good incomes and charges them accordingly. Off-shore finance and tourism are its two largest sectors. It is considered a tax haven for corporate entities not for their employees of many foreign companies primarily insurance, reinsurance, investment funds and special purpose vehicles SPV.

Bermuda levies no taxes on their world business activities. All these taxes plus a direct income tax, in the form of a Payroll tax, payable by employers and employees. It is based on what is earned from employment. Other significant sources of visitors are from Canada and the United Kingdom, all arriving either by cruise ship or by air. Part of the tourist crowd are LGBT people, of course.

Like anyone else, they come for the sun, sand, foreign flavor and night life. Here are a few comments from these gay visitors: However, the beauty of the island will amaze you!! Maybe not as open as in the big US cities, but it exists! ITs a wonderfully beautiful island and its incredibly clean and safe. It is low-key and relaxed. But there is no problem with gay people in Bermuda except perhaps for a small minority of religous nuts. All is not sweetness and light of course here—as everywhere in the Caribbean.

It is a conservative area of the world having been settled by Catholic and Protestant settlers and Africa slaves, followed by the Christian missionaries over the centuries. In contrast to the cheery and playful comments above, other travelers to Bermuda have offered these more cautious observations. The LGBT travel company Pied Piper, for example, has been organizing trips — albeit on a smaller and much quieter scale — to the country since , without incident.

The natives may be considered friendly, but somewhat homophobic. There was a report of a gay bashing incidents where locals accosted two ship passengers seen holding hands and kissing in public, which was very unwise thing to do anyhow. I think they were drunk. One stop was to be Bermuda. They cancelled this stop due to the fact that it was becoming very obvious that they would not be well received there when a couple of preachers protested at a rally.

Mostly they cancelled for the fact that they did not want to expose the children to the negative attitudes. For most gay and lesbian tourists only secondarily do they consider the prevailing local attitudes toward the LGBT community in the Caribbean tropics. Few LGBT tourist are aware that in nine out of thirteen of the independent Caribbean island-nations homosexual activity is illegal, an actual crime written into the law books of those countries.

See the list at the end of this story. One can find a surface appearance of gay friendly bars and clubs and hotels with happy-hour parties usually mixed gay-straight and the rare clothing-optional beach. Some folks actually chill out in a hammock or deck chair and read books. This is not highly visible. There is rarely a bashing. Rather there is a steady stream of anti-gay sentiment in the press and from the Christian preachers who are convinced homosexuality is the work of Satan and gay marriage will destroy civilization.

Historically same-sex behavior was illegal thanks to puritanical Victorian UK laws. But decriminalization changes did not bring anti-discrimination changes so today anyone can rant and rave and discriminate against LGBT citizens with impunity. There is also a racial influence in the homophobia: A total of 29 percent of black people listed themselves as opposed to such cruises, compared to just 11 percent of white people. Sexual orientation is seen as a vote loser, especially in constituencies with strong fundamentalist church membership… Past polls have shown support for a ban on discrimination.

A majority of Americans now support gay marriage for the first time ever. While that idea remains a step too far for many in Bermuda , it seems likely that acceptance of homosexuality in Bermuda is advancing as well. Homophobia to this degree has no place in any decent civilized society. We are free to openly disagree with other forms of sexual expression, but that does not equate to any kind of right to abuse a person on this basis. We are facing the exact same situation that many of our forefathers were persecuted for.

This blog includes a lengthy essay about homosexuality: Being Gay: A Life Style Choice?? It is time for this to end. These are real people whose lives are being used as rhetoric, political capital or scapegoats. We had over people turn up throughout the two-hour open forum, with dozens of people taking the microphone to speak or sing… Help us start taking small steps toward being supportive allies to an all too frequently silenced part of our island. This campaign is looking to add sexual orientation to the list of protected traits.

Read more here. See the poster. Ninety-five percent of these visitors will come and go with pleasant memories and appealing digital photos. Nothing wrong with that of course. Gay Life in Bermuda Richard Ammon. Photos Colombia:

What was your first impression of Bermuda's dating scene? Charlotte: For me, as a local, the dating scene has never really been one of actual. Bermuda is a % Bermuda Free Dating Service. Meet thousands of fun, attractive, Bermuda men and Bermuda women for FREE. No gimmicks, no tri Can do the social scene, however, am a homebody. I love to please.

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What to Do and Where to Eat in Bermuda

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Many Single Christian Men In Bermuda Await You At Interracial Dating Central

Thanks to its convenient location, the fishhook-shaped isle is a choice destination for those seeking a getaway that feels worlds away from the Atlantic Coast in the fall: Read on for a few reasons to go this season. Contact Indagare to arrange a trip to Bermuda. Our specialists can book you at the hotel that is right for you and plan great meals and activities. Anglophiles rejoice: But at 21 square miles and with 65, residents, Bermuda has the warmth of a small tow n. Zika-Free Beach Destinations: Plus, the island is surrounded by more shipwrecks per square mile than anywhere else in the world, and scuba diving through the mysterious wreckage sites is an experience not to miss. Bermuda Rising.

I have an Interview with a company in Bermuda coming up. I want to get an idea of how much my salary should be adjusted to compensate for the rediculous cost of living.

Realist,very compassionate. I still cry if I see a man cry or anyone physically hurt or emotionally broken. I love to talk about my experiences than gossip about what I don't know, other peoples busin

Bermuda Travel Tips: Julia’s Take on Health, Safety and Romance

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Social life in Bermuda for single male

Why did I do this? Well, late in I took the plunge and accepted an IT position in Bermuda. It has been a year of trials, tribulations, and great fun. I have made some great friends, lived a great lifestyle, and saved some money. Nothing is quite what you would expect, and Bermuda information sites like Bermuda-Online www. Bermuda is not a singles haven for expat men, though women will have a significantly better time.

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No mystery here: Most documents related to the reported disappearances are made up or heavily embellished for dramatic flare. Rest assured, you will make it to the island unscathed or abducted. Unless you are one of the unlucky travelers who falls victim to the first ever Martian attack. It is a welcoming, hospitable island with very few mosquitoes and sunshine for days. The coast is pristine and tranquil; the water an intense and intoxicating turquoise. Everyone speaks English.

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The British ship Sea Venture , carrying some colonists bound for Virginia, was shipwrecked on shoals off Bermuda during a hurricane in The current coat of arms was granted to the colony of Bermuda on October 4, This new arms minus the motto was incorporated into the flag, replacing a badge from the late 19th century. The standard ensign for private vessels of British colonial territories was supposed to be red with the Union Jack in the corner but without any badge. In Canada received permission to use its arms as a badge on the Red Ensign displayed by private citizens.

Every grocery store and pharmacy in Bermuda stocks a decent range of feminine hygienic products—mostly American brands but also some from Europe. Prices vary by store, but Bermuda is expensive compared to most places so I advise bringing your own supply if visiting the island. Condoms and birth control pills can be purchased in every pharmacy. Condoms are also widely sold in gas stations and grocery stores. Bermuda has some great gynecologists if the need arises for one during your travels. Dating in Bermuda is like dating in no other country. The dating scene revolves around alcohol and clubs for the most part.

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